Jotiz enables you with Jyotish Software to create, analyze for free different astrological charts, divisional and other systems, dasas and transits. It's Celtic Astrology lets you generate and study for free Charts and Tree Sign readings. The ancient Druids with their understanding of earth cycles and trees set the foundation for this amazing science. The druids believed that trees were vessels of infinite wisdom and associated birth times with certain trees.

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Jotiz.COM similar to AquaPisces.COM is a free site without any annoying advertisements. Feature Packed Jotiz made a breakthrough in Smartphones five years back and still is. Managing a database of Native Portfolio, using own ephemeris that can be easily checked with Nasa’s officially published ephemeris, no third party software, XML Queries on Jotiz Engine, IPhone / Android Enabled, Jyotish and Tarot Readings, Celtic Moon and Chinese Astrology.

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