Vedic and Celtic Astrology

Jotiz provisions Vedic and Celtic Astrology Software to create, analyze for free different astrological charts, divisional and other systems, dasas and transits. Its Celtic Astrology lets you generate and study for free Charts and Tree Sign readings. The ancient Druids with their understanding of earth cycles and trees set the foundation for this amazing science. The druids believed that trees were vessels of infinite wisdom and associated birth times with certain trees. Vedic Astrology or Jyotish employs different techniques to analyze natal charts better through several divisions and progressions through Dasa are accurately worked out in Jotiz.

North Chart

Since its making twenty-seven years back, Jotiz has remained a free Vedic Astrology software. Over the last sixteen years, it has catered to millions of customers globally on many aspects of Vedic and Celtic astrology. For those seeking initiation into astrology or herbal dietary supplements, AquaPisces is the best software to use and is a prequel to Jotiz. Costs have skyrocketed, and I am compelled to place a small subscription on the website from September 2016. If you are an existing registered member, you will be charged $10.00 if you wish to continue. New subscribers will be paying $25.00 for one year - that's just about $2.00 a month. The subscription is common to Jotiz and Aqua-Pisces. You will not be charged in two places - one charge for both software. For those who register for online paid, classes - they will be automatically subscribed for three years. If you have any concerns, please contact us. Jotiz.COM similar to AquaPisces.COM will be a subscription site, SSL driven, without any annoying advertisements. Feature Packed Jotiz made a breakthrough in Smartphones five years back and still is. Managing a database of Native Portfolio, using own ephemeris that can be easily checked with Nasa’s officially published ephemeris, no third party software, XML Queries on Jotiz Engine, IPhone / Android Enabled, Jyotish and Tarot Readings, Celtic Moon and Chinese Astrology.


Insight Divine - Algorithms of Jotiz in Verses

Way of the Native - a treatise on Brihat Hora Shastra

Rise of the Native - algorithmic astrology (William Lilly, Varaha Mihira, Raphael)

Vedic Machine - connecting the ancient through Internet of Things.

  • Manages a database of Native Portfolio
  • Uses own Ephemeris - no third party software
  • Instant Jyotish Divisional Charts** and Computations
  • Astrological Charts in North, South, East Styles besides Western
  • Placidus Charts
  • Dasas and Ascendant Dasa
  • Choice of different Ayanamsa calculations
  • Unique Chart House Rotations - wherein Dasa Lords, moon or a graha can be made the ascendant
  • Transits (any time/date and place)
  • Panchanga (auspicious / inauspicious times for the transiting day)
  • Instant Celtic Astrological Chart and Tree Sign Readings
  • Store and retrieve Charts of friends, relatives and family
  • Free Compatibility Check with Birth Dates and Asterisms
  • Tarot uses different complex Spreads to generate readings

Idea-ware - If you would like to be part of this free, would-be open source journey, we would love to hear from you. Your contributions - monetary, ideas, code, web design, supply of herbals, logistics on delivery would go a long way.